Monday, August 8, 2011

A rollercoaster day

     Well, I was not looking forward to today all weekend. Today was the day my IVC filter was going to be put into me through a vein in my groin. Fear of the unknown was my affliction all weekend. Last night I did not want to go to bed, knowing that sleeping would only make the morning arrive that much faster. Inevitably I laid down to sleep and of course morning was here before I knew it. I was unusually quiet and quite visibly anxious the entire ride to the doctors office. Now due to vacation schedules I had to go all the way up to North Jersey for this procedure and it was about an hour ride. This is quite a long time to have to think about what was going to be happening shortly. As we get closer my heart raced a little faster with every announcement from the ever increasingly annoying voice of the GPS lady. "In one half mile, your destination will be on the right.." Oh boy a wave of nausea hits. Well lets get this over with as soon as I am in the sooner I am out. The building was pleasant looking enough and there was a cute bridge that went over a running stream that produce a very relaxing and peaceful sound. Almost like being in the woods somewhere far away from needles and filters. I am amazed once again at how beautiful this world can be sometimes.
     After stopping for a minute we went into the building and signed in, gave all my paper work and sat down. Just us and an elderly couple who were there before us were waiting. I saw the office was split into two parts. One for the dr's office and the other part were the procedure suites. I assumed I would be seen in the office then move over to the procedure suite to have it put in. I saw a tech or nurse come out in her scrubs but no one called me yet. It is strange how in these circumstances time seems to both fly by and move so slowly simultaneously. I didn't want to be called in yet I wanted it over. With every passing minute i was expecting the door to open and for them to call my name. Minutes flew by and with ever door knob turn so did my stomach. Yet through all this I was still waiting. It was over an hour before a nurse came out and finally called me in. AN HOUR! come one there was only one couple before us and all they needed was to say something to the doctor.
     Well finally in the room and the nurse says we are hear to check your legs right? Well no i am here for a filter, I let her know. Evidently they need to check my legs first. OK. Here they are. Sexy, right? She informed me the doctor would be right with me. I have to say doctors office must have different definitions for some common english words than we do. For instance, "you might feel some pressure" really means this is gonna hurt. "This might hurt a bit" means you're going to need Demerol after this.  And my favorite, " the doctor will be right with you" evidently means 25 minutes later.
     The doctor comes in and goes over my history and tells me he may go in through my groin but he likes going in the through the neck. Wait what ??? Now I am not sure which I hate more but I figure the neck is closer to my lungs then my groin so ok. So now he wants to know what day is good for me? UMMMMMMM WHAT ??? He never planned on doing the procedure today. So I drove an hour, waited an hour in the waiting room, waited 25 minutes in the smaller room and had to drive an hour back home for him to talk to me for 10 minutes! Next time hit me up on my celly doc! I mean this was ridiculous. Gus took off work for nothing and now has to take off Thursday again since that's the procedure day now. I was quite annoyed now i have to be anxious for another 3 days.
      So now its time to get my mind off this and do something fun. We decided on taking my nephews to the movies. I really wanted to see a new movie that came out this weekend however I was nervous. It had been quite a while since I have been in a movie theater. More specifically since I had been in a movie theater SEAT. I shrugged it off, I am down 40 pounds I am going to try it. Well as soon as I sat down i knew i would not be getting up until the end of the movie so bathroom be damned. It was shall we say snug! I was ok with it since Gus was on one side of me and my 8 yo old nephew was on the other side of me. It was only a 4 seater row and we filled it so I knew i wouldn't be embarrassed by people trying to squeeze passed me to get in and out of the row. Just one of the things us big people worry about when we go places. That an of course the side stares and whispers people think I don't see or hear. I however choose to ignore it. As I did this evening when one of the ignorant teenagers behind us threw a popcorn kernel at my back as the movie was letting out and I was still sitting in the seat. Things like that happen but I was not about to let them see me get flustered. Let the ass' think they missed. These are the things I will not miss after the weight loss. So all in all this day had quite its ups and downs. It will be a busy week, so more to come.

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