Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2 weeks away..

     Yes that's right, in exactly 2 weeks from today I will be in the hospital bed recovering from the surgery. You would think with the surgery so close everything I need to do would be all wrapped up. WRONG ! Still a lot to take care of, some of it being loose ends with my surgeons but some with other physicians as well. Dealing with so many doctors in the past few months I have really become amazed. Some, like my surgeons at the bariatric office, like Dr. Jack and Dr. Forrester seem to have it all together. Every i dotted and t crossed. I am sure Dr. Goyal is the same, I just have not dealt with him yet. Plus they have a great staff that backs them up. Some doctors however ?? I can't see how they make it to work everyday.
     Now from my past writing we all know I am too fat to get a stress test done. Now this doesn't mean that I cant perform what I need to, like walk on a treadmill. It means the table I have to lay on to take the pictures of my heart is too small. So yes, the people that need to have stress tests done the most are too heavy to get them done. Which is why they need them done in the first place. Let's hear it for the genius who designed that flaw. So because I could not get the test done at the hospital, I still needed clearance from a cardiologist to have the surgery done. Someone to say, yes his ticker is not going to give out on the table. If it hasn't given out on me trying to walk up 3 flights of stairs at over 500 lbs I dont think its going to have a problem with me lying on a table passed out during surgery. But hey I am no cardiologist. I did however go see one on Monday to get cleared. I saw someone in the same office last year who cleared me for my hernia operation. So I am figuring this is going to be in and out. FAMOUS LAST WORDS. The nurse takes me back takes my blood pressure, 130/82. Excellent. Then performs an ekg. Harmless, painless and quick. Then about 10 minutes later, a small delicate asian doctor probably in his late 50's to early 60's comes in to see me. He looks over my files and says ok no high blood pressure, no pains, no real problems. He then proceeds to look up and says "so you just like to eat to much huh?" Well I didn't get this way from bulimia gone wrong? "Yes" I said to him being as polite as ever. My mom raised me right. he then proceeds to tell me for clearance we need to run some tests. We have to do a stress test.. WHAT ?? I must have heard him wrong. I advised him that I could not because of my size. "OH" he says "then probably can not do other stress test either". I then tried to explain to him that there was a weight limit on the tables. He of course had to go verify this and come back 10 minutes later telling me no tables in the area could be found. Ummmm Yeah Yoda, I already knew that! That is why I am here. I then had to "remind" him that last year I was cleared for surgery without a stress test and they did an echocardiagram. well then lets schedule one and he sends me off. So now I am still not cleared for surgery and have to go back to him at 9 AM on Tuesday for the test. The day after I am getting the IVC filter put in through my groin, YIKES. I am less freaked out about that since a friend advised me ai am going to be pretty sedated for the procedure and wont remember a thing. Sounds a lot like some nights I had in my youth.
     So I still have to be cleared, get blood work done, get the filter put in, and sign my consent forms. Its gonna be a BUSY two weeks. I will keep you all posted.

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