Monday, August 15, 2011

I have the Time

     The time of my surgery that is. I called my physicians office and spoke with my insurance navigator, Shante. I hope that's how she spells her name. I Wanted to make sure that all my clearances came through and that there would be no surprises on Wednesday when I went for surgery. She has been awesome with making appointments for me and letting me know what else I needed for the surgery. With all the hoops i was jumping through, you could say she was the ringmaster of this circus of events. She wanted to let me know that although I was not expecting to hear my time for the surgery until the day before she had them for me. My hope for an early surgery came true, I will be the first case at 8:30 am Wednesday morning. Hopefully this means I will be making an early exit from the hospital and only have to stay until Thursday afternoon.
     I have to say the excitement has been building all weekend long, however as soon as I heard the time was set, the nerves started working. I know I am in excellent hands. Dr. Forrester and Dr. Jack have been awesome and I wouldn't want anyone else but it is surgery and my life is going to change drastically. I have been told this alters all my relationships in life. Relationships with food, eating, and even my personal relationships where my size and food addiction have been a big part of. I am ready to take on what I need to do and I know the office has an incredible support system with peers, therapists, groups etc. So again choosing this group was the right choice. I am a bit jittery about my relationship with food.
     God knows in my large and wonderful family there are some addiction issues, lucking for them its been just drugs and alcohol. LOL !! I am the poor fool addicted to the life sustaining victual. (Now before I get any hate mail, I am just kidding about drugs and alcohol being an easier addiction, but I can not give up food like we can give up alcohol or drugs). Food is what I have turned to when I was depressed, stress, worried or even just bored, The latter being the worst. I mean hey it something to do. Looks like now i will have to beat boredom with a brisk walk. The dogs are going to love this, :-).
     To get my self ready for the next two weeks when all I will be able to consume is liquid pabulum, mostly in the form of a protein shake. I have decided to start early. For the next two days I will be on a totally liquid diet, no snacking, no soda, nothing but protein drinks and water. Plus I cant have any crystal light with red dye in it past 1 pm tomorrow. I guess they want to make sure if they see anything red in there they know its blood and not flavored water. The one part I am going to have a hard time with is from now on, I can not have water with my meals. This will be for life. Half hour before my meal and up to an hour after I can not drink. Evidently the water pushes the food through the stomach and into the intestines faster than it should and you dont feel as full as yu should. Making it easy to overeat. So this a good 35+ year habit I am going to have to break.  Easy peasey right ? CHE RIGHT!! It would be interesting to see how many of you readers can do it and not drink anything with your meal and up to an hour after. MMMM I smell a challenge or is it my gym socks? Well I am going to go with challenge! Let me know how you all do. And be sure to send me some lovin' on Wednesday morning.

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  1. Jimmy ~ I'll be thinking of you and I know you will come out of this just fine. Love you bunches.