Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two out of three aint bad...

Hello All,
     I know its been a while since my last post and I have had a few dr.s visits since then so I have been neglectful. So sorry :-). So i have been to 3 different providers (insurance jargon), I mean doctors. Actually one nutritionalist, one psychologists and one doctor. The experiences were mixed I actually enjoyed my visits with the nutionalist and the pyschologists. I must like to talk or something. Go figure! With both of these professionals we spoke about what to expect, what the diet would be like before and after surgery. What fears I had, what vitamin supplements I would need. All very pleasant and sociable, then the clouds started to gather. Now I was not going to write about the last doctors visit until I had all the results back and I was sure what was going on. However I wanted the documentation of this process to be as honest as possilble and to be honest I an nervous. No, I am scared ! Now, must people you asked would probably not know I am feeling this way because I do a good job of keeping a positive outlook. So hear it goes.
     Let me take you back almost 10 years ago when I had an emergency appendectomy. Perhaps a second chapter in my blog.;-). The surgery went well. It was done laparoscopically so healing would be quicker and I could get out of there in time to attend our yearly Halloween Party. You cant keep a good partier down!! Oh YES you can! Turns out my white blood cell count was still very high and not coming down to "normal" levels. I was in the hospital for 7 days, missed the party. But dont fret for me, some of my more caring relatives thought of me and called me from the party to tell me how much fun they were having. Thoughtful, right ? HMMPH.. Well after seeing countless physicians they decided there was nothing more to do and I just might have a  high WBC count. So I know all about this and everytime a physician asks I say I just have a high WBC count. Well the doctors at the Bariatric Center wanted me cleared and seen by a hematologist. Ok , no big deal thats a blood doctor not too scary, until I realized the actual specialty of hematologists is actually Hematolagy/Oncology. Now that's scary.
      So I go to my appointment and the tech asks me if my blood pressure is usually that high, I turn around to ass 196/98. I actually laughed to myself. I said no its no where near that high but as you might realize I an VERY NERVOUS. She then prepares me for what I think is one of the meanest procedures they do to people, the finger stick. I know its quick but they hurt. So i go into the room and wait for the doctor. now i know people say it felt like I waited for every for him blah blah blah, but I REALLY did wait a long time. The doc even apologized for the wait. I think i nodded off twice waiting for him. At first things started of pretty good I was optomistic. He said the levels were a little high but not really alarming and the percentages were actually in the normal range. Then came the big BUT  and not like a Sir Mix-A-Lot song. he wanted to rule out one thing that has some of the same symptons and people my age can have. C.M.L. or Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. I am sorry WHAT ?? I just want weight loss surgery !! How did we come to this?? Not to worry its very treatable. Not to worry?? Easy for you to say. So now what ? He says he wants to rule it out with blod tests and if the are inconclusive he can also rule it out with a bone marrow biopsy. OOO forget that, If i thought a finger prick hurt I would never survive a bine marrow test.
       So now I am waiting and sometimes I get scared. Its a lot to think about and worry. But I calm myself down by saying I have had this high WBC count for 10 years now and not a sign of being sick. So I am sure things will work out, I guess I am just worried the tests will be inconclusive and he will want the biopsy. Guess I will deal with that if it comes. For now, I have to wait until June 1st, That is my next appointment with him. Fingers Crossed.

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  1. Wow Jimmy ~ It's never simple with us Grangers, is it? Know that I will be thinking of you and sending lots of good thoughts your way. Can't wait to see you again. Love ya cuz!